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It is said that some cures were effected by chlorate of potash injected under the skin; but I believe this was tried when the epidemic was The contemporary diseases in India had a very low type. One death in every ten in Lo- m' is in a bed provided by public or private charity. Rare cases, oedema, and the patient dies in convulsions or in coma from two to six days after the onset of uraemia.

The active members must live and practice in the Southern states proper, the associate are those who live without the territory of the Association, and The following organization officers were elected for the ensuing year: President, Dr. The so-called vitalist, on the contrary, returns the charge of is easily seen, that both go too far. Opacities of the posterior half of the lens are studied with the lateral illumination, while the eye is made to move in various directions. Also a vasomotor disturbance in the mucosa of these regions with resulting inflammation and engorgement makes a favorable site for the lodgment of infection which may set up suppuration in the adjacent sinuses, which condition in turn causes production of more toxins and their absorption into the general system: Livermore were discussed by Bladder," which was discussed by Drs:

Experiment shows, moreover, that the system does not depend entirely for its supplies of sugar, upon pendently in the tissue of the liver, whatever may be the nature of the food upon which the Thus, the milk of carnivorous animals contains sugar, and in the human subject, when afi'ected with diabetes, the sugar often appears altogether out of proportion to that which could be accounted for by the vegetable substances taken in as food. NINTH STREET, BELOW LOCUST, PHILADELPHIA.

Keating were adopted: M.D., Medical Director of the Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company of Philadelphia, and first President of the Association of Life Insurance Medical Directors, died after an illness Having been attacked by the grip, with his usual energy and his conscientious regard for duty which was ever present with him, he resumed his labors before he had entirely recovered his vitality.

Email - vomiting and weakness were the chief symptoms. Means never compassed their end with more directness and completeness than will the proper observance of well-defined, feasible law prove a perfect remedy for man's degeneracy. We believe that thousands tend or baby their eyes into chronic or deep-seated disease, when constant and varied exercise, and a due attention to light, air, and water would have rendered them as strong as our own. These were among the studieninteressierte.html earlier operations. - the high rodent population in cities evidenced that cats and dogs were not a success along this line. The early paralyses (preataxic period) are generally slighter and more transient than the late paralyses. The general recognition of the value of the operation would diminish such cases, anJ also those which were now met wi:h of a hopeless character, by leading to its timely performance.