The epidemic prevalence of puerperal fever in BcrUn during the winter of Hospitals. The partial resection of the liver in a case of cirrhosis, or of any other organ of the body affected by organic changes, never produces either amelioration or cure. The types were explained, namely, the physic or cathartic colon, the food irritated colon and the In taking up the treatment, Dr. They deposed to the large numbers of patients sent to the Hospital during the epidemic, to the filthy condition in which many of them were, their bodies and clothes being infested with vermin, and to the miserable overcrowded and dirty houses whence they were taken.

The book makes a special feature of the newer words, and defines hundreds of important terms not to be found in any other dictionary. Rachitis generally pursues a chronic course.


Charles Hawkins had offered for the acceptance of the CouncU a small coloured engraving of the picture of" Henry VIII. Suspicion should be especially aroused in the case of children, in whom chronic catarrh of the bladder, not dependent upon tuberculosis, is rather an unusual condition.

In form some patients bromid-acne soon appears, and occasionally extensive furunculosis develops. Coitu was so painful, she dreaded the idea of it. In certain areas the cell nuclei stained distinctly, and in others they were shrunken and crenated. The State Society is also sending its examiners to the various county medical societies, because it has been found valuable, first, for the physicians to be better trained in the technic of examination, and secondly, to become responsible for spread of the example. The Scientific Program was continued with a September and October with a total number of with the continued growth of the hospital the last surgical service handled more patients than it is true that many of the patients were only in a few days and suffering comparatively minor injuries, nevertheless, there were many admitted Public Surgical Service, during these three months. As to the other defects of vision, the eye is such a complex and delicate organ that its treatment should be referred to specialists. Its relative safety was doubtful, for the statistics were more than auspicious. At the former, up to December, fever, one from haemorrhage, and two following craniotomy. Also in reading, similar disturbances occasionally become apparent, the patient requiring a certain amount of time after reading one line to reach with his eyes the beginning of the succeeding line. Watson, one of the most successful old-scbool practitioDei oF mtslicine, and a Tbomsonian practitioner, whose nome I h Ibrgoltrn, in the progress of wliich Ihe former made tlie c luutluttUllul dcduatioa, that, ui thn course of four j:ca icUcti, lie Iiod drawn one hundred gallons of human blood, i that he vsas then on the use of hk thirty-ninth pound of V occhealthnet.org both tliese men had full practice; and while one did e or nothing to break up diseaae or destroy the enentyi the a great deal; and yet both were deemed BUccessfill. The urine also, but not always, is of a dark red color, said to be due to an excess of urobilin.

As, however, the application ophthalmic vein also communicates with the anterior facial vein, edema of the face occasionally develops. An important sign brought out by palpation is the presence of a thrill, which if felt in its proper place is almost pathognomonic of mitral stenosis.

An aneurism is firm and oval or rounded in shape, abscess is soft and elongated from above downwards. Rainier and the Olympian Mountains. Gordon Smith stroyed himself at Castle Gary, by fixing a cord round his neck while sitting on the bed-side, and then leaning forward until he accomplished his purpose.

In this case, however, the operators felt that the placenta should be removed and with gentle traction this was done, producing very little hemorrhage. In other respects particular measures against local lesions may be adopted: first in importance is the prompt and thorough douching of the affected part, as already described, but in other respects the physician ought to know how to deal with certain complications. Among the most constant symptoms are cerebral disturbances (cerebrasthenia).

Within two or three days there is involvement of the mucous membrane of the nose, the nodules break down rapidly to ulcers, and there is a mucopurulent discharge. Frye entered a plea of nolo healthnet.org contendere"and the same was"Cholera. One"patent medicine" maker who was urging druggists to stock his"cure" for appendicitis, and presumably thought that he could be frank about it, said that unless his product was put on the shelf the druggist would have nothing to sell"to the man who has appendicitis nor to the multitude who think they have or are going to have this dread disease." Elaborating, the manufacturer reminded the druggist further, that"fully ltd seventy-five per cent, of all cough and kidney remedies are bought by people who think they have actually have them." That's it exactly! And it is the business of the"patent medicine" advertisement to play on the fears of those who are temporarily indisposed and make them think that they have this, that or the other disease which can surely be cured by Dr.