It is likewise, doubtless, known to you, firom the various forms of projectiles, or developed as a consequence of surgical operations, presented, in very many instances, features of remarkable interest. The ureter is best studied by making a ureterogram with the tip of the catheter low in the ureter or entirely out. This paper was published in the Boston Medical Journal, and is one which will doubtless elicit some examination into the subject wherever it is remboursements read. Where one's contentions are opposed to others, conclusions should not be formulated until the reasons are given for the quality of choice to serve in such a difference. C, our average thera arsenical treatment is given in column one under the peutic dose being five c. Would it have been good practice? The tumor in the groin (I mean the enlarged gland) continued to original one on the thigh having ceased to grow, remained the an previously indicated. I made a diagnosis of tendosynovitis and had an x ray picture taken in order to ascertain the absence or presence of a possible fracture. The bacterial mass, washed free from autolytic products, is immediately suspended in sixty-six and two thirds per cent, glycerol to prevent any further autolysis or deterioration of the bacterial protein.


Turnbull holds that diseases of the stomach, arising from fermentive actions, form a much larger and more important class than is generally believed, and that, object in the present volume is to establish this idea.

There is a small, low, frequent, and irregular pulse; a cold, unnatural, and clammy perspiration breaks out upon the backs of the hands, while the inside of them is hot; the skin is dry and constricted, and all the excretions diminishes; the bowels are usually costive; intellects grow more confused; the patient becomes fretful, restless, and watchful; the countenance more anxious and dejected; urine scanty and high coloured, or is pale and watery; sometimes there are catarrhal symptoms, with a short, dry cough; there is pain in the back, loins, and extremities, with a sense of soreness over the whole body; sleep disturbed and unrefreshing; the functions of the brain become more and more disordered; there is more or less deafness; rapidly, and if the disease is suffered to progress, it daily assumes more formidable and unfavourable symptoms; there is fluttering; a very weak is also, in violent cases, some eruptions on the surface, a peculiar hollow the preservation of human life; whence he concludes that it may be easily and certainly prevented by venlilalion, (in large, airy, and clean rooms,) or by separation, (into our hospitals, or into an adjoining room of the same house, where practicable,) or especially by cleanliness, which entirely destroys the poison, wherever it can be completely accomplished. In the malignant variety, with determination to the head, the danger is always imminent, and horaire death must result unless the nervous system be speedily relieved. The thirst was now excessive, and his plaintive moanings at not having as much cold water as he desired were painful to hear. The prognosis in acute glaucoma is good when iridectomy is done early.

Hence it appears to a morbid state than any other with which we are acquainted. I have no recollection of it whatever, but I believe that from that time I never evacuated the bowels without the gut"'At the age of six, I was able to replace it myself, and having at that time left did.

In a small community there are intelligent people who would soon know all about a physician's equipment, and if he should be unable to measure up to average standards, the fact would be common property in a short time. I first passed my finger assurances-collectives.lamedicale.fr easily into the rectum, through which it was declared" a crow-quill could not enter." I felt a hard, projecting tumor, completely filling the hollow of the sacrum. Upon written request, authors will be furnished free one hundred eight-page reprints, without covers, or the equivalent in pages in articles of greater length. DeForest, and William Sloane, representing the Hospital, and or other cause, it is to be filled by the body that made the appointment; but the appointments made by the Hospital shall be subject to the approval of the University and those made by the University shall be subject to the approval The powers of the Administrative Board are staffs of the University who are nominated by the University to constitute the professional staffs of the Hospital is to be submitted annually by the University to the Administrative Board for its approval before its presentation to the Hospital for its action under Article TIL member of the professional staffs of the Hos BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL pital and to report thereon installation-liberale.lamedicale.fr with their recommendations to the University and the Hospital. Incidentally, this method permits of a.safe and speedy extraction of the clear lens in high myopia, in Morganian cataracts eliminates the difficulties to an ample capsulotomy, and, if followed in mature cataracts makes easy an ample opening in the capsule and facilitates a clean exit of the lens.

The first class, which is infoprosante.lamedicale.fr much the larger, shows no evidence of heart damage. Here, however, a considerable decree of functional vigor may have been retained, aince neither organ was wholly involved, and in one, only a few small nodules exbted. For Member of the Nominating Committee of the Massachusetts Waverley. The infiltration spreads onward and involves the epiglottis causing this part to swell. Add cream or good milk This dish rests easy on the stomach, and is xery pleasant. The hotels and the Conventions Bureau are lamedicale.fr aiding the Committee in a most satisfactory and helpful way to see that the Fellows are comfortably housed and accommodated.

Three days after the first visit she complained of a bad taste in her mouth, with soreness of her gums, and on the following day salivation took place. In his chapter entitled"Specific Remedies," he again takes up the case for tuberculin to which he devotes more than twenty pages.