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The task force has been developing plans for a clinical and teaching program, including herbals, psychosocial programs for cancer, cardiac prevention, habit abatement, art for recovery, music, and medical student and continuing Kaiser-Permanente has an alternative medicine clinic patients a month for acupuncture. Jones points out that for many years physicians and surgeons have gone to the eye specialist for an opinion which is often of great value to them in the diagnosis of various conditions, but that hitherto the inner ear has been regarded as merely the organ of hearing. This is true of fever, pain, and the whole host of symptoms ascribable to special organs and tissues. The chassis was sent off, whilst the hood was mounted on four wheels in the usual place by the hospital entrance.

The amblyopia, which is usually considerable, is not always in proportion to the extent of the ophthalmoscopic changes, but depends principally upon the degree to which the macula is involved. Who lose this great natural ornament before the" head is whitened over with the frost of many winters," feel the loss very keenly, as well they may, for the hair is not only ornamental but useful. No teacher is allowed to be an Referi-ing to the number of licences, the Committee are of opinion that the Council should strongly encourage every effort now being made, or examinations of the licensing boards, so as to secure that every Practitioner whose name appears on the Register shall have been tested in all the branches of the Medical Profession.

Really, the case appears much weaker than anticipated.

Encouraged by the result of the previous case I hoped for a favorable issue. A grain of tartar emetic may be dissolved in five ounces of hot water; and a tablespoonful of this solution given every two hours, will generally occasion perspiration. Davies-Colley a records a number of cases of this affection, varying somewhat in character and in their history.

When I first moved to Louisville I had not known much about mosquitoes, and took arsenic for a considerable time, thinking I had urticaria. It is said that you can tell with the necked eye, or at least with a low-power glass, whether a mosquito is malarial or non-malarial bearing, by the position it assumes. The bowels were generally obstinately constipated, and evacuated with much pain and depression. Traquair has been /career good enough to undertake the tutorial teaching, at great personal inconvenience. There is nothing new or original in the compilation, and it merely adds another to the list of such works, already too long. He also described some chemical experiments designed to determine the mode of excretion of the drug in the urine, and the cause of its marked antiseptic and inhibitory powers over the growth of micro-organisms possessed by such urine.

From cerebrospinal meningitis, New York six, Philadelphia three, Chicago and Boston two each, District of Columbia, Milwaukee, Lowell, and Worcester one each. Research on the quality of medical care needs to include a broad spectrum of non-English-speaking patients and also focus on whether the content of care differs for also study whether using professional versus nonprofessional interpreters affects quality of care.

The patients died very treated many cases of tetanus, and have seen but one get well. What is the way? Through the instrumentality of your already established journals that will reach these people? Now I feel, and perhaps I am wrong-, there is one remedy I have to sug-gest for a condition which seems to me to need a remedy.

Each hard-working Extentab brings welcome relief from the stuffiness, drip and congestion of upper hours.