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Whereas the medical profession of North Carolina welcome more knowledge on tuberculosis, Therefore, be it Resolved, that the House of Delegates recommend that the clinician holding the tuberculosis clinics for the North Carolina Tuberculosis Association be requested to hold teaching clinics for physicians at each point where diagnostic clinics are held.

We trust that it will be resumed, but we can not see that the exigency is quite so sharp as Dr. Having put a little perfume into the phials, pour into each through a small funnel sufficient of the coloured olive oil to fill them to a circular bit of white kid leather over the To use Macassar oil, (observing never to shake the bottle) pour a little into a saucet and with the finger rub it into the roots of The bags of alkanet may be used a second time. Lewis, the committee on legislation was instructed to use every effort to secure sanitary inspection of the milk supply of this county by State authorities.

Live it always, but for the sake of America and for the sake of patriotism itself let no man undertake to blot from geography or history that which bounds the South on the north, and the North on the south. I mention last the best of all the contributions from lay sources to the anti-tuberculosis campaign. This is especially true when viewed in retrospect. A cancer arising in leukoplakia can be papillary and nonulcerated, or red, granular, and superficially eroded. We would, indeed, go further, and urge upon individual physicians the duty of exerting what influence they are capable uk of upon their congressmen to endeavor to bring about the proposed elevation of the office of surgeon-general of the army. More often, however, this period of marked severity will be followed by another of partial or complete remission of the symptoms of hyperthyroidism, which may last for months, only to be superseded again and again by waves of varying intensity.

Unilateral edema is often noted in inferior vena cava obstruction, because the collateral circulation develops more easily on one side than on the other. Since we have practically no alleyways and back entrances, wherefrom regular dust bins could be emptied, we presume that the garbage can placed out on the sidewalks is inevitable. This department of the University Hospital furnishes a most abundant supply of material for clinical instruction. No one has yet succeeded in producing a chancre or other syphilitic manifestations by inoculating animals or healthy persons with the seminal fluid syphilitic father and a healthy mother, there is every chance that the child borii of the union will be exempt from syphilis." And again," I have under noticeeighty-seven cases of syphilitic men who, having married, have not communicated to their wives tlie least suspicious symptom, and from whose marriage one hundred and fifty-six perfectly healthy children were born." The "" researches of Mireur f are perfectly conclusive on this point of the non-inoculability of the seminal fluid of syphilitics confirming, as they do, the experiments of Fournier. The South fought for the rights guaranteed her by the Constitution of the United States, which rights were denied her by the might and materialism nurtured and organized in that part of this Union north of the Mason and Dixon line. There was in the beginning a deeper red and more swollen appearance to the parts about the mouth of the urethra than elsewhere in the vagina (

I think from my point of view, I think it can be strengthened. If this money was reprogramed to the development of new methods, as their mission directs, we feel that toxicology would more rapidly become a science and not remain the arcane art that it is at the present. Close personal relationships could exist between patient, The economic and social changes of recent years have deprived hospitals of much of their free help. Governor Smith, whose duty it w r as to appoint the Commission, consulted the Board, and made his appointments in precise accordance with the recommendations of the Board. From a bequest to the School of Medicine by the late Charles have been established which entitle the holders to exemption from payment of tuition fees for the year. - new York and London: The work before us is a most exhaustive study of pulmonary diseases, and, representing as it does the most advanced thought upon the various disorders it treats of and prepared by two observers whose experience has specially entitled them to speak, it is a production of great value. Any candidate found deficient in these branches Oral examination on general science will include chemistry and natural philosophy; and that on general literature will embrace English literature, Latin, and general history, ancient and modern.