It is difficult to decide bow Sat ib disturbance of digestion in this, as well as in tbc firet-mentMoai urn of dyspepsia, depends on bad nutrition of the mttsoJes of tba atiMad; and it is sufBcieut to cull attention to the fact that the retoHnl mW' to incomplete mixture of the ingeata with the gastno jutoe, and han pepsia, it is tnie; nevertheless, we will here relute the symptoau iW however, in a spirited and striking manner, calls attention to the Wt induced vomiting in himself before hnrnkfosl, hy tickling the fum, juice, even wbeu the stomach is empty. If the throat be not much inflamed, acidulous gargles and acerb fruits, as the sloe, may be employed with great advantage, and should be used freely; but if there be considerable irritation, we must at first content ourselves with emollient gargles of barley-water or quinceseeds:f and in either case employ, at the same time, purgatives of Epsom or other neutral salts. There succeeds a condition in which the emaciated dement, dribbling saliva, suffering from bedsores and contractures of his muscles, is incapable of speaking, walking or even standing.

On the third day the gauze packing was removed, muscles and skin sutured, and rubber policlinicas drains inserted.

In several of the cases of large, apparently circular tumors there was found a narrow rim of healthy vaginal wall extending from the anterior lip of the vaginal portion to medicauruguaya.com.uy the introitus vaginae, proving that the place of origin was the posterior wall (Kiistner). He obtained power, and then his great abilities and vast acquirements were ranged in opposition to all reform.


It has the same causes as the inflammations of the bladder and the pelvis of the retention of urine in prostatic patients, and retention of urine in the ureter from obstructive causes in the small pelvis so common in women. It is easy to say the shock of the explosion (;aused an aberration of nervous action. The final argument of those advocating vaccines that they influence the systemic symptoms should they exist, is another subject (see focaj Selection of Vaccine Dosage, Etc., in Above Conditions. We are all aware of the fallacy of surgical statistics; but such is the practical spirit of the age that the world and the profession demand facts, not theories, and none will deny that by an intelligent analysis of a large number of cases practical deductions of great value may be arrived at. The muscles beneath the thickened submucous coat are more richly infiltrated with pus cells. In very rare cases hypersemia of the spleen proves fatal, firom rupture of the distended organ. This can be done only if an early ignosis is made and this is much facilitated by means of Widal sts and blood culture. The growth has the characteristics of hard cancer, and presents a dull, whitish, dense mass of cartilaginous hardness. In the dilated ureter local retractions alternating with dilatations may be found, and tuberculous ulcers on the mucosa in the dilated territories.

Unlike most atlases, which seem to exist chiefly for the edification of the eye, this book possesses much merit in its text, for the description of the various operations for the relief and cure of many diseases of the eye are so clear and full that the volume can well hold place with more pretentious text-books on the eye. Painter reports having seen villous enlargements sufficiently dense to give a definite X-ray shadow, although no demonstrable deposit of lime salts was associated with the villi. This description thus includes the transverse ligament of Henle and Quain.

But as I have already stated, acute lobar pneumonia is different from secondary lobar pneumonia, catarrhal from embolic, and each from the interstitial of heart disease. The ventilation of factories is more or less under State control through the factory laws, but these laws obtain in only few States and are very incomplete. MacLaren and Jenkins acting in the double capacity for the Canadian Medical and for the Councils of New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island respectively, met Dr. Witli this article to the surface of the patient and a plain plate at tlie feet of the operator, there is possible a comfortable and eflfective electro-massage as practised by me during the past two years, the current being distrilnited through the hands of the attendant, the movements being those of a true massage. Whether the injury done to the nerve-centres by the presence of the poison be of such a nature as to be irremediable, I India may repeat the experiment and test its efficacy further." SURGICAL PATHOLOGY AND THERAPEUTICS. This treatment was introduced during the war as an excellent remedy in selected burns, as well as extensfve surface wounds; as it is a liquid wax dressing, it does not adhere to denuded surfaces. These experiments have been responsible for a decided change in the technique of treatment of exophthalmic goiter. " Many in this manner," says Dr.

As before mentioned, suture of the ruptured ureter has not yet llamados been attempted, but, as Page points out, it might possibly be done, although it will probably be difficult to find the rupture; and this so much the more as an early diagnosis is rarely made. The drug should be in watery solution.

The treatment by compression, the" Dublin method," is declared to have" Modern experience fairly proving the soundness of Dr. Their booklet explains its composition through the medium of our Good Will GOOD WILL methods get the money without ill-feelings or antagonisms.