The book is eminently practical and well written, with remarkably few errors, considering its size and comprehensiveness.

Two Cases of Amputation at the Hip-Joint for Gunshot Arthur E. Positively that there is no stage of excitement (www.medicross.recomed.co.za). He said his object was rather to elicit information than to lay down any views of his own. To us, as physicians, who eagerly grasp every opportunity to aid us in healing the sick, the effects of tea as observed upon the body, irrespective of quantitative analysis, are just as much physiological effects, as, for instance, its power of arresting waste. Summing up, he said there were a few accessions of young men, but quite out of proportion to the demand. Tlio bowuLs are coiistiimtofl and tbero id ii.sually incontinence of the faeces. Of treating phthisis that I would speak for a moment, but of the present status of a ne.v line which will ecomed.co.za hold Every one is familiar with the fact that, long before the discovery of diphtheria antito.xin, investigators in various countries had been e.xperimenting with the products of the growth of the tubercle bacillus, Koch's tuberculin being one outcome of this line of work. A circular piece of soft linen is cut rather larger than the exposed surface, and this is jilastcred on with more collodion, which is worked well into the meshes of the material. When I find she is progressing nicely I often go away and make a call or two, or at night I may lie down for an hour, leaving a nurse or someone with the patient who will call me if I am needed. It requires no addition of milk. This migration of globules filled with pigmentary corpuscles is remarkably active (recomed.co.za).


The tr'atiueiit is that of the neuritis or polio-myelitis with which it is associated.

Prescribed china, bitter, greenish vomitings, and five watery, yellow stools, with constant griping pains and great prostration.

If one could decide on the proper cases, one need not hesitate to operate since the results had been shown Hysterical Brachial Monoplegia Following Eleclrical was treated for this condition for two and a half months by various forms of electricity and numerous psychical and sensory stimuli, but without success. Mattes said that ten per cent of all medical men in North Germany are homoeopathists. It goes without saying that the nutritive value of such a combination may be increased by varying its constituents and adding some peptone preparation, for example, one of the newer food products, such as eulactol or plasmon. Occasionally the disease involves the greater jiart of l)otii lungs; thus, in one instance the left organ with the exception of the anterior border was uniformly hepatized, while the right was in a stage portion of the lung is usually congested or codematous. At the end of eight or nine months he wanted to go out, and he was dismissed. It kidney or a tumor of the transverse colon may be confounded with it. They have general progress amongst laity and professional classes; among the upper classes it spreads largely, but there are great hinderances to its There are three societies: Cercle Homoeopathique de Flandres, Association Centrale des Homceopathes, Beiges, Societe de Medecine Homoeopathique.