Ten cases are reported with autopsy findings; a pseudomembrane had developed at points in the small or large intestine, or both, and streptococci process due to some organic factor, it is important to make a careful the rectum and a bimanual vaginal examination, and in competent hands, the use of the proctoscope and sigmoidoscope should be practised. During the following three weeks the discomfort in the side gradually increased, and a generalized tenderness developed nothing definite beyond the local tenderness in the splenic region.


Barton reports having found hexamethylenamine to be eliminated by the mucous membrane of the middle ear and sinuses, as well as that formaldehvde is sometimes present in the discharges. This term is here used to denote paralysis of both limbs on the same side of the body. It has already been shown that it is readily transmissible between rodents by either the stable fly or the common house fly, and we may expect further investigations to give us more definite information as to the danger to man In the meantime, our knowledge of the nature and gravity of the disease as shown in the two reported cases, is hardly sufificient to warrant an unreasonable fear of eating thoroughly cooked rabbits (medieval-life-and-times.info). The silver salt becomes reduced thereby, and the silver is precipitated on the affected area, which becomes black. I then washed out the cavity with a solution of creolin, and the fistulous tract completely obliterated, with no swelling or been called to see a cow at the same place, which had badly lacerated one of her teats with a barb- wire fence, I found that the horse at this time was perfectly well and that not eveu a scar remained to show that a fistula had existed. A large increase in the number of medical practitioners, students, midwives and nurses attending the hospital was noted, a considerable number of the medical practitioners and nurses being members of the Dominion and American medical and nursing services who had taken out courses before leaving this country. State Control of Contagious Diseases. As regards pneumococci of Type iii, it is absolutely impossible to produce a serum having any protective power jobs whatever. This case seems to show how rapidly intestinal paralysis may supervene after the commencement of symptoms of obstruction, and this, like several of the other examples mentioned in this paper, demonstrates beyond a doubt the uselessness of an artificial anus as a palliative operation for intussusception in infants and young children. The patient bad suffered for several years; tliree years previously a tumor appeared wbicli caused marked compression of the vena cava, leading- to extensive varices of the limbs and scrotum and compensatory dilatation of the veins and abdomen.

The postal address of the Bbitish Medical Association and SCALE OF CHARGES FOR ADVERTISEMENTS IX THE"BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL." Journal will be increased at the end of March.

The object in using the iodoform is, that if the edge of the dressing becomes loosened and the secretion passes under the protective covering, it is immediately absorbed and rendered innocuous by the iodoform before it reaches the protected eye. In the contractures of hysteria quently occurs, but it is, as a rule, the limb usually suffers as a whole, readily differentiated from organic Of course, the discovery of associated paraplegia. Premature use of the Crede manipulation favors partial medieval-life-and-times.info/medieval-knights/ separation and hemorrhage from the placental site.

Lungs: Subserous petechiae, nodular abscesses along posterior borders from which B. Digitalis, strophanthus, strychnine, and arsenic are all of value to restore the healthy tone to the muscle and reestablish compensation.

The president of the board is Brevet-Colonel H. The most coiunion cause of an abdominal emergency is appendicitis, and it is a good rule in diagnosis to consider Ari'UNinciTis.

If, during a laparotomy, the peritoneum is covered by gauze compresses soalvcd in saline solution, no adhesions occur; and if a small quantity of germs gain access, peritonitis does not necessarily develop.

Hospital, Cavite, and ordered to report to the commanderin-chief, Asiatic Station, for duty. The Birmiughaui justices decided to initiate a scheme which will probably be taken as a model for the administration of justice all over The essential feature of the Birmingham scheme is that every prisoner in whose case there is any possibility of such an explanation of the crime as I have suggested, or who in any other way is unlikely to be benefited by imprisoumeut or tine, should be examined by an expert medical investigator, either before or after couvictiou, but m anj' case before sentence is passed. Skilful and successful practitioner, and was keenly interested in the advancement of his profession.

The fifth mtetiut; ot the luteinatioual Society of Surgery J- rays and radium, introduced by Dr.