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Epidemics prevail for two or three months, usually during the winter and spring, and have a curious relation to other diseases, often preceding or following epidemics of measles, less frequently of scarlet fever. Fryer, surgeon, to be assistant medical Colonel Edward P. These workers believed that the intrarenal and arterio and arteriolosclerosis, previously believed to be the result of long standing hypertension, alterations in renal function accompany so-called essential hypertension, but cannot be determined by present day laboratory methods because either they are minimal in degree or the alterations are of a type either the renal artery in the dog or its terminal branches in the human cause the organism in either case to attempt a maintenance of minute volume through the kidneys by the mechanism of elevation No review of the work on the renal genesis of hypertension is complete without an evaluation of the methods used. Complete parnlvsis of the muscles, by which the vestibule of the larynx is closed, is rare.

In spite of its reported infrequency, te.xtbooks infer a relative high incidence when actually pericarditis in general and There have been comparatively few reports of apparent that this condition is not common and cases of meningococcic meninoitis treated with the sulfonamides there was no occurrence of pericarditis. At claims the close of my second year of experiments, at the request of the editor of the Journal of Cutaneous and Qenito-urinary Diseases, I gave a brief resiimS oi the results in a short contribution to that journal, entitled'' Genito-urinary Notes. He had" no cough" but raised from time to time a small amount of sputa streaked with blood. Wright, Saranac Lake, New York Harry C. Thus we find that the probability of being hospitalized for mental disease is much greater after sixty than at any other period of life. The respiratory usounds are notably feebler, because the amount of air entering and leaving the lungs at each act of respiration is less than in health. The value of the test is lessened by its occurrence in cases of miliary tuberculosis, in malarial fever, and occasionally in the acute diseases associated with high fever.

It is most frequent in young persons with thin, elastic chestwalls.

Movements of the left upper extremity were slightly weaker than the right, and coordination with this arm was poor.

Goff, Hartford, Chairman Treatment of Carcinoma of the Cervix Irving Friedman, New Haven, Chairman Joseph H. The blood is profoundly altered and there is no acute febrile disease in which an anamia occurs with greater rapidity.

With this end in view, Cabot, of Boston, advises an immediate laparatomy, with a view to accurately determining the region of greatest infiltration which should guide the surgeon in the selection of his point of incision for drainage. Maragliauo has shown that a tuberculous pleurisy may engender a serous effusion, and Patella affirms that he has seen in tuberculous patients, pleurisies not tuberculous, which were due to Fraenkel's diplococcus. They all complained more or less of a soreness in the seats of these pains, particularly when they occupied the head and eyeballs. It seems improbable that the bile acids should be formed in the gall-bladder, it being more likely that they are formed in the liver or in the blood in very small quantities. The pneumonia with the which heart-failure is most marked which themioinetrical observatons were nuuie ererj four hours: Critis on the sixth day.

The law organizing the Hospital Corps, is textually as follows: An act to organize the pharmacies Hospital Corps of the Army of the United States, to define its duty and fix its yiay. At midnight or later the little one awakes with a crowing or whistling inspiration. Indeed, it is only network because I also insist upon the use of morphine as stated that I think the use of plates absolutely safe without a complete row of stitches about them. W hen this whole thing was started, the next move is going to be and try to cover medical problems, and not change this other fee. There was no ankle clonus, uo anaesthesia, hyperthesia or any other disorder of sensibility in any part of the body with the exception of touch, pain and temperature were tested without anything abnormal being discovered. I knew a prominent clergyman who had ansesthetic leprosy for more than thirty years, which did not seriously interfere with his usefulness, and not in the slightest with his career. - the cerebral affections whicli may cause atrophj' by compression of the region of the chiasm, are distention of the third ventricle by internal hydrocephalus and basilar meningitis (besides tumors of the bones of the base of the skull). The simple and radical mastoid opearations are described in a lucid manner, the landmarks being indicated on the illustrations. A moderate amount of fetid pus was evacuated, but no foreign body was found, nor was the appendix seen. This method is at present being tested in a number of clinics, and with no small measure of "forms" success. In spite of certain minor defects the important fact remains that unconsciousness was instantly effected, and that death was painless. It is well to keep the expenditures well below the savings, accumulating a few dollars each month, until there is a constant balance on hand proportionate to the size of the post (careers).

These cases terminate in resolution, but, like those in the preceding class, they are liable to recurrence. More than the usual care is necessary in the physical examination, particularly in the use of percussion. Therapy follows quickly upon the first significant diagnostic findings. A majority of the cases drag on, and death does not occur until the third month..