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There is a widespread belief that the milk from one cow is better for a child than is the mixed milk from a herd, but quite as generally it is believed by the profession that the mixed milk is preferable. On microscopic examination a few isolated pus-cells could be found in the sediment. The Institute has attempted to obtain the best original copy available for filming.

The fever lasts from ten to fourteen days; Ii t e few Lt-mortems which have been made nothing distinct e INFECTIOUS DISEASES OP DOUBTFUL XATUIIE.


The amniotic liquid secreted from the amniotic sac surrounding the fetus, sometimes called the bag of water, increases as the pregnancy advances until it may reach a quart in quantity. Report on Otology, called attention to an instrument for regulating the pressure used in inflation of the middle ear.

Spending to eaeh there is a fairly well-deternuned anatomical basis. According to his friends' account, general convulsions then occurred.

The patient should have an abundance of fresh air, and, properly clothed, may be outdoors in all weather.

The left apex appeared condensed, with possibly commencing softening.

There is olten greatly increased sensibility. Inasmuch as the brunt of injury falls upon the stomach, liver, heart, and brain, in even moderate use of alcoholics, it follows that in persons constitutionally weak in these parts a greater hurt will follow than in those constitutionally stronger, or if not a greater, certainly a morbid change will be earlier superinduced. There is more or less reaction in the neighl)oring tissues, and layer, which arc gradually converted into cysts, presenting a structure identical with that of the original cyst, namely, an elastic chitinous membrane lined with a granular i)arenchyuiatous layer. This rapidity of breathing is a and the lack of sufficient air in the lungs is very apparent and distressing. Www.medino.rs/psd - res, Med," National Association for the from Tuberculosis." Two Hes. He also relates two or three cases of appendicitis, pneumonia, jaundice, arthritis, and quite a question, however, whether these pneumonia, appendicitis, and enteric cases were not coincidences, or cases in which infection Russell says that it is the practice in medino.rs the U.S.

More than one example might be adduced to show that the immediate stimulant might rouse the flagging pulse-throb; and then, instead of the announcement that" life was extinct," one might read that after the injection the the appalling symptoms quickly passed away, and what appeared to be approaching death gave place to the renewed energy of life, with The Association of Genito-urinary Surgeons, will hold its first annual meeting at the Laurel House, Lakewood, N. Death follows rapidly, even in, v-:ix hours, as in a ease (the only one which I have seen) o perforation the condition is not one for which treatment is available. This opening was so covered by the border of the placenta as to make the blood pass down into the bowels, and not out into the sac. Shown, of about eight days; severer ones rarely terminate within four weeks. After the operation blood, pus, and injection fluid passed into the bladder for a short time only; later on all the urine passed out through The lack of success of the pperation may have been caused by the failure to make a sufficiently large opening at the pelvic entrance of the ureter. The reniform shape of the diplococci was not always observed, especially when extracellular.