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In a large number of observations he found this sign in about five-sixths of all cases at the end of the third month.

His pharyngeal reflex, however, is entirely absent. Tremor is said to be an exceptional condition in lead paralysis, while wrist-drop is generally present.

The battery applied to the muscles of the neck had no effect upon the pupils. Study your patients individually, and learn to discriminate. He accompanies a gang of men who are actually carrying out the work of mosquito eradication, and sees twickenham and reports upon the methods of straightening the small streams, ditching and clearing the ground and oiling pools and creeks. The laboratory and oflices initially employed three hands and and sixty-eight in laboratory, fifteen travelling salesmen, and twenty-two in the offices. Dr Hess was recognized not only for his tremendous contributions to organized medicine but also for exemplary service to his local community. It was at this time southend a large increment of draft men was received. To draw the sphincter muscle back over the head seems too great a risk, and should it pass safely over the head it will still retain sufficient contractile power to secure a rupture by the oncoming shoulder. In workhouses and asylums the diet is often too low in albuminous principles, and attacks of scurvy are common.


Of the United Slates have been of the most favourable character. Assistant Professor LAURENCE LEINBACH, M.D. The horse, or colt, must not be allowed to get at the sore with his mouth. Atkinson, and that she had separate means, exclusive of the defender's rights as husband. In this city, at the prestimCf an effort is being woodstock made to organize a lodge which, among other benefits, confers that of free medical attention upon its members. EPIDEMIC PNEUMONIA medivet.co.uk has already been referred to. He complained of a sense of disquietude, partly from a constrained positiaii, which he was unable to change without assistance. There are cases in which it has passed on to a state of (b) Tertiary Lesions: dartford. This has occurred a few times: A patient would be richmond operated for an ordinary acute mastoid and recover without complications, the wound healing early and thoroughly. In this way more nutriment is carried to the muscle, and the latter improves both in functional power and in substance. If these opinions are concurred in by the authorities in France, it will mean that adequate wantage hospital accommodations should be provided in the United States.

Fisher, Esq., in the report, favors a recommendation of the Secretary, which is as follows:"There is one matter to which I desire to call the attention of the Board, and that is the desirability and entire feasibility of establishing a fairly comprehensive plan for outdoor services. I wish to speak briefly of two other classes of appendicitis, viz., the acute fulminating and those cases seen after the advent of suppurative peritonitis.

But the following table containing the result of Dr.