In eight cases of which I have seen an account of the autopsy, in only one was there no evidence of pre-existing cardiac disease. The patient was apparently in better condition than when first seen, but had pain in region of sigmoid, descending colon, and umbilical region.

That there are conditions of appendicitis which have a natural tendency to recovery, and which get well without surgical intervention, is acknowledged by the best authorities, medical and surgical. That is, by his theory a woman who persists in marital relations, which reflexly cause in the uterus the changes incident to pregnancy, but who at the same time repeatedly avoids childbearing, is misusing her organs and is not functioning physiologically. This case was diagnosticated as pneumonia.

Labor is fearfully cheap: the earnings of an able-bodied man on a sugar estate in the interior are but two dollars per month, with a small daily ration of com or rice. He when the Canadian Medical Association meets on the Pacific slopes for the first time. An Ink-Pencil, or fountain-pen, which is in use by several physicians, is illustrated by the accompanying "sexualmedizin.charite.de" cut. The treatment these women adopt in cases of hand presentation is either to take a wisp of dry grass and set fire to it and burn the child's hand in order to make it withdraw it into the uterus, or else to wrench it off. The action of ephedrin in spinal anesthesia is very similar to that of adrenalin, but is very much more prolonged.

He had had a number of cases which were very difficult to relieve; local extraction of blood from tlie uterus by leeches, had benefited some cases. The woman was apparently perfectly healthy and free from all evidences of organic disease and with no history of pronounced illness. This all healed; but after a little over six months he succumbed.

Of focal bone tuberculosis, where irritation surrounds the foci and the tendency is to purulent degeneration. " The risk of operation is definite, the hazard of delay Some difficulty in the diagnosis may be experienced if morphine has been previously given, or when the acute pain, etc., is associated with menstruation.


Others are round and full, and the contents are gray or yellowish in color. The secretion of mucus was finally stopped, the hearing returned, and the membrana tympani assumed its normal tension and color.

The bearing of this subject on the larger one of the causation of tumours in general is of interest but too great a question to enter upon fully here. Ganzheits-medizin.ch - careful study of the cyst wall in this case led to the conclusion that each paroxysm was due to hemorrhage beneath its outer, investing layer, and that the last extravasation so distended it as to end in rupture into the peritoneal cavity, causing death from shock and loss of blood. Cf forty-six persons, whose names were so brought forward, seventeen failed to put in an appearance, and in the case of several of them it would appear that their shyness is constitutional for the same thing happened in regard to the July meeting in St. Warren, which was of the most candid, manly, and appropriate character, was received at the next meeting. Not a man before you but is beholden to it for his position here, while he who addresses j"Ou has that honour directly in consequence of having had it graven on his heart when he was as you are to-day. We still think that the recital of so many illustrative cases complicates the text, and adds to the size of the book out of all proportion to their value, but that is a A Journal of Medicine, Surgery, and Allied Sciences, published at Boston, weekly, by the undersigned. Manuscripts shoidd be addressed to the Editor, There is a growing appreciation that the operations that have been performed in the past for so called chronic inflammation of the appendix do not in many cases relieve the symptoms for which the appendix was held culpable. This patient presents with his attacks all of the phenomena usually What Will Precipitate an Attack: Many patients are conscious of some special factor that -will precipitate an asthmatic seizure. Fisher, Captain Official list of changes in the stations and duties of Boyd, J.