The"standard error" of a mean value gives an indication of the variability or reproducibility of the mean as an estimate of the"true" mean value. We founa her rather wild, trjing to sit up in bed, refusing to take anything, and calling for the priest. AVorking in this barrel is a pair of screw-blocks, likewise having their screw-threads interrupted at alternate spaces of ninety degrees each. Convalescence was uninterrupted; and, on the eighteenth day after experimentation, it gave birth to a litter which survived two days.

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The remainder of the work is devoted to an analysis of intestinal disturbances under headings of Gastro-, Hepato- and Pancreatogenic disease as well as those due to local and functional causes. Bodies such as the American Medical Association and American Hospital Association are more fitted to do this since they represent general medical science and not a special Your committee has been in touch with the various committees of these associations and has found them already actively working. A few days since I visited La Pitie to see Maisonneuve, who ranks here yery high as a bold and dexterous surgeon.