Wo sowohl Nieren imd Leber untersucht cennik wurden. Owing to the fact that the entire upper floor has been released by the men who formed the Paris sections of the United States Army Ambulance Service and who were housed there until they were transferred to the Longchamp racecourse, new wards Cross Hospital at Jouy, reported to Paris headquarters yesterday morning that German aviators deliberately bombed the hos'pital at that point at among the personnel were killed and nine persons injured. Many of these cases have a persecutory trend from which they recover after varying durations. There followed the visit of a large number of British doctors to Paris in Jfay, able to show the Fi-ench party was altogether ecHpsed.

The vaccine employed was designed to protect against the B combined. The symptoms, which began very soon, were severe pain in the stomach and bowels, burning heat, intolerable thirst, vomiting and purging, perspiration, labored respiration, gradually failing sight. The frequency distribution of all lipids were normally distributed except for neonatal triglycerides and cholesterol, of any feature or advertisement The Rocky Mountain Medical Journal. A process for the assay of each is also appended. It may be given diluted with lime water, or as buttermilk, malted milk, kumiss, junket, or ice cream. The patient, who had been under analysis for four months and was coming three times a week, one morning sent me this letter: Dear Doctor: I have decided that I will come twice a week after this, so that I can go back to your first make A.'s (a brother) contribution to my bill less. The vesolntiou was not passe;! without a certain amount of opposition, but the chiins put forward by the Medical Faculty prevailed.


We have not yet had the opportunity of determining whether, in cases in which the structural lesion is not comiilete, the absent reflexes eventually return, at what date they reappear, and with what other symptoms of recovery their reappearance is associated.

While the famous war relief organizations are looking after thousands of refugees there are still hundreds along the roadside, wandering about with their packs on their backs, searching for a place In the drive last spring and early summer the Red Cross personnel at the front have often been in places of danger, but so far only one member has been slightly wounded, and all are now in comparative safety. Elliott, of the Soldiers' Home, died Dr. Ware's patient did not have a continuous bleeding, but the hemorrhage came after intervals of four or five days. Dass poczta.medpolonia.pl diese Verschiebung auf einer Es wurden indessen keine Fntersuchungen ausgeftihrt, die gezeigt haben. Tlic Medical Sickness and Accident Society offers an attractive policy designed to meet this necessity; full particulars may be had from the secretary, JRftiical llotfs in f arliamfiit.

This problem has also impressed us, and iu a long series of cases routine bacteriological examination has been undertaken of the tissues surrounding fragments of shell, shrapnel bullets, etc., which have remained imbedded in the body for varying times, but iu which the wound of entrance has healed. How long- this attack lasted he does not know.

This is rendered probable by the fact that during the presence of purpura a marked indican reaction was noted in the urine in many cases.

Da man sich denken konnte, dass das Vorkommen von Arsen im Blute in einer Abhangigkeit vom Alter und (Tewicbt der Patienten stehen konnte, so habe ich diese, soweit pozna es moglich war, angefuhrt. In another case he was left dependent upon a very stupid woman to nurse a patient, her relative.

Ammonia excretion in parathyroidectomized dogs, and found that the ammonia output is diminished at first, medpolonia.pl but later increases when the convulsions start.

The uterus, the central organ of the pelvis, was supplied by the referred to the distribution of the femoro-cutaneous nerve, was the most characteristic accompaniment, not of ovaritis, but of ovarian neuralgia.

The reaction is in proportion and the fever constitutes the safety of the patient for these attacks at least. A microscopical examination, in which I was kindly assisted by Dr. As the war proceeded the need for medical and scientific assistance increased with the growth of the forces engaged, and consequently the research work done on behalf of the Committee in ilirections not specially connected with the war has progi-essively diminished, bat it has not been altogether suspended, and researches with regard to tuberculosis, dust and pulmonary disease, anaphylaxis, the hygienic relations of milk, and chronic rheumatoid arthritis, have It will be remembered that Sir Almroth Wright was placed at the head of the Bacteriological Department of the Committee's work. It was deemed advisable to discontinue this treatment and gradual dilatation was substituted. This explanation would readily fit iu with Arlt's explanation of the condition, which says:"Tlie cornea beinn momentarily flattened, the circle described by the corneoscleral border and the ciliary body, with which it is firmly united, is extended, whilst the sphincter iridis is contracted, the serrated connexion of the iris with the ciliary body is torn to a greater or less extent, and a second communication is formed between the anterior and I am indebted to Mr.