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The results were quite as good as with the oatmeal diet. A chemical examination of the stomach, undertaken by her physician, showed a high degree of hyperchlorhydria. We are fortunate indeed in having such a dedicated group of gentlemen to For the details of the activities of the house of delegates of the American Medical Association from Resolutions passed by our House of Delegates of the Medical Society of the State of New York were referred to members of our State delegation for presentation to the American Medical Association house of delegates, and many of our delegates were I assigned to attend meetings of the reference com- I American Medical Association to hold its next meet- I You will be pleased to learn, I am sure, that t the County of New York, was elected to the Ameri- I can Medical Association boartl of trustees by a large j majority. The figures regarding residencies bear out the increasing interest of physicians in specialty practice and, in my opinion, also indicate the increased recognition by hospitals of the need for house physicians with special skills. It is also interesting to note that study, states that he has had more failures with metiphen than successes, in treating peptic ulcer. Let me again stress the necessity of cooperation between the board and the Superintendent of Xurses, so that she will not be discouraged in her efforts to make her School of Xurses a better one: The wiser plan would be to divide the trunk of the nerve high up in the limb, so as to get beyond the sphere of the local irritation, which appears to be the chief organic lesion discoverable in these cases. One hundred and ninety-two surgeons, is insufficient for the needs of the service in view of the large number of coast-defence stations and the troops operating permanent increase in the number of regularly commissioned surgeons.

He said that during the year a large quantity of pure virus had been distributed, and that he still had on hand a small quan The nominating committee announced j mail, as even the short distance of sixty their report as ready, which was, on motion; miles would cause a deterioration, perhaps of Dr. Once for a between eleven and twelve pints in the day. She slept well the night after her admission, and made no complaint of headache, but in the morning she was sick once, a symptom which had occurred before, but which at no time was frequent or troublesome.

The brachial-plexus cord is an easier guide than the anterior scalene muscle to the subclavian artery. Finally failure to recognize deflation of cuff leading to aspiration after burns of face and neck. Pills of acetate of lead and opium were prescribed; perfect rest in the horizontal position, together with cold applications to the abdomen and vulva were directed; also, my instant summons should there be the slightest hemorrhage. Hypertension with heart disease and cerebral hemorrhage have been excluded from the summation, although I with coronary heart disease they frequently I are clinical manifestations or sequelae of I renal disease: pyelonephritis, renal artery underlying renal disease frequently is undetected, hypertension is unduly accredited as the cause of death. According to the author's theory, with retraction of the protoplasmic prolongations there comes absence of nerve-protoplasmic contact and contact between the individual neurons; conduction of impulses to or from the cells is prevented, and nerve waves are impossible, the result Echinococcus Cysts of the Domed Surface of the tumor as large as a foetal head was found between the left hypochondrium and the epigastric region, noncontinuous with any abdominal organ, sinking with inspiration, rising with expiration, and subject to rhythmic pulsations. Weaver carries on his professional work at Asheville, spending two or three months of each year in Florida. Hemorrhage from the nose was common; in a few it occurred both from the nose and bowels; and in one case, blood flowed from these, and likewise from the uterus, in considerable quantity two weeks after the last menstrual period. The appearances presented at the post-mortem examination, lead us to the opinion, that the diseased condition of the pleura?, lungs, and peritoneum were sufficient to destroy life; but that the sufi"erings of the deceased were aggravated, and his death was hastened by the deprivation of food and proper The following account of the anomalous distribution of some of the abdominal viscera, in the case of John Fleming, is in addition to the above notes taken at the autopsy; the attention of the examiners having been at that time necessarily directed to the interesting medico-legal points of the case, and the account made of them having been intended for the use of the coroner. He may not be able to afford the necessary accessories, or he may be too careless or indifferent.

Does not feel pin-prick below the nipples, nor is she a.m., an enema was given with no discomfort to the slightest headache, and has been perfectly comfortable is in the ninth lunar month and has not felt child move for the last week; fcetal heart not heard. He had used as much as four hundred iiiillianiperes about the neck, and as much as six hundred immediately over the heart, but such currents must be used with great care. - histories such as the following are illustrative: tomatoes. Particularly is it a hellish bug when it invades the brain tissue of men chosen Craniotabes is as a rule the first sign of rickets and this can be elicited as early as a few weeks of age. DeLee says his object has been to supply the needs of the student and to provide a wealth of instructive detail and illustrations for the practitioner. I now administered polytrichum freely (for the first time in my practice), without any fear of doing injury, as I believed that no medication could save, or even prolong life many hours. Three patients did not, and It will, therefore, be seen that the three principal factors to be considered in lowering the mortality Considering the question of time, many factors must be taken into account: First, whether a physician is called promptly or not.