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A third pathologist confessed to me that a student could pass his examination without having taken a practical course. Local treatment was employed at the same time; but these were all old and extensive cases that had had all kinds of treatment before; and both the patients and I thought they did much better under local treatment alone. Such failure of nutrition, when local, may arise from the blood being deficient in quality or quantity, or possibly from some interference with the nervous supply. Nothing in this regard is more demonstrative than the history of venereal diseases; for it is in this class of affections that the moment of contamination may be determined most exactly and that interpretation is easiest. In tbe vari B forms of albuminuria, uraemia is due to insufficient secretion, and imperfect excretion results from obstructive disease of the ureters, of Uie blaiider, of llie urethra, and from exterior pressure, as in the case of tumors encroaching on the urinary passages. Thus authors speak of catarrh of the stomach, intestines, bladder, dc. However, this conception should not be admitted in all its simplicity, for the phenomena are probably more complicated, and the total toxine has perhaps already caused profound modifications in the In general, it is difficult to say what are the phenomena provoked by toxines. A remarkable instance of this kind is recorded in the case of the late much-lamented Dr. During every epidemic of cholera, a large proportion of cases set in by a diarrhoBa, which if permitted to continue will develop into a typical attack of cholen. The muscular tissue is dry, auFemic, relaxed, and its color pale, but it is disease is gradual; they experience, for a long time previous to the beginning of the malady, disorders of digestion; they suffer from acidity, pyrosis, and a sense of epigastric weight and uneasiness. Diphtheria prevails as an epidemic; under some circumstances it is endemic, and it also occurs sporadically. Against a lack of practical skill, a turn for ideas makes no small counterweight.

Likewise he shall have my cordial julep with a portion of this confection which we do call Theriaca Andromachi, which hath juice of poppy in it, and is a great stayer of anguish. The spots are usually black, raised, about a line in breadth, and foci like a grain of shot under the skin. It is accompanied by excessive debility, with attacks of faintness, palpitation, and dyspnoea. Instead of transporting some of them to a mountain, however, he made them live in rarefied air having the same pressure month. Again, in the acute stages i of such a disorder, symptoms may appear, I such as great asthenia, excessively frequent pulse, hiemorrhages from various parts, albuminuria, and a formation of dii)htheritic membrane on sores far removed from the larynx, which symptoms, while inconsistent with a diagnosis of non-specific membranous inflammation of the larynx, are frequent associations of diphtheria when it occurs in away, after an interval the characteristic paralyses of diphtheria may show themselves.

His following was large, even in America, where he was antedated by eleven years.

If, moreover, the faecal discharges, which are colourless in all cases of jaundice, are very rich in fat, cancer of the caput of the pancreas may confidently be diagnosticated. They render the organism, for a long period or for Ufe, proof against subsequent attacks of the same disease. The presence of a large number of lymphocytes may represent a host immune response to the carcinoma." The presence or absence of lymphocytes, however, does not influence fiveyear survival figures, although at three years tumors with lymphocytic infiltration seem to respond to treatment better than tumors without lymphocytic infiltration." The more anaplastic tumors (the nonkeratinizing and undifferentiated varieties) are more common than better differentiated tumors (keratinizing squamous cell variety) and and among whites and Japanese, who are at low risk for The histologic classification of nasopharyngeal carcinoma may be an important prognosticator of patient survival. He stays out late at night, indulging in his pleasures; he does not sleep as well or as long as he should; and he has a poor appetite, especially for breakfast. For this purpose a delicate feather or a light is held before the mouth or nostrils, and it is noted whether either of these is disturbed; or a cold mirror is placed before the mouth, when, if breathing is going on, its surface will be clouded by the moisture condensed upon it. Chemical agents exert upon the tissues an analogous action, which therapeutists have turned to account: Thus, Croton oil, when spread upon the surface of the integuments, gives rise to the formation of pustules. Without wishing to abuse examples, we may refer to cerebral softening, which, even when limited, may occasion death, whereas it is possible to experimentally remove the greater portion of the brain without endangering life. The membrane is detached and cast off by a cessation of the fibrin exudation and ao abundant formation of pus elements. Sprott for the very able work he had done for many years in connection with the institution. She was suffering generally from the absorption attendant upon a chronic cholecystitis.

The socalled bronchial veins are some small vessels which return the blood supplied to the structures about the roots of the lungs. The nature and strength of external applications must vary very much according as the disease is in the acute or chronic stage. There may be entire abolition of the sensation of touch, of pain, and of reflex movements; but in other cases the patients have a partial knowledge of events transpiring during the seizures, and in a feir instances hypertestheaia has been BOticed. Few studies have reported if laparoscopy was done as a routine procedure in the evaluation of infertile patients when physical examination had shown no other positive findings, or what signs and symptoms are considered sufficient to warrant Given that the association exists, it has been held in the past that endometriosis does not cause infertility unless it is severe enough to alter tubo-ovarian function. The only symptom of diabetes is an occasional increase of appetite due to the dyspeptic condition of the patient. In such dysenteric infections, cathartics should be sedulously avoided, since their use merely aggravates the inflammatory condition already present: