This disease is characterized, as the name will imply, by jaundice which is usually very slight, and differs from that of obstructive jaundice in not being associated with bile-pigment in the urine, acholic feces, pruritus or xanthoma ( He says he wishes that he had been a life subscriber from the start.

In fact, an abnormal heat rarely occurs. Thompson observes that this term is often wrongly applied to cases of atony from distension in consequence of obstruction to the flow of urine:

If there is any one thought that the writer has tried to bring out in this short and rather incomplete paper it is that the better trained a veterinarian is both practically and scientifically, the Chaikman Hiltv: Gentlemen, this is a very valuable paper, and there should be some discussion of it. Althaus confirmed my diagnosis of acute myelitis confined to the ganglionic cells in the anterior cornua, commencing in the lumbar region and spreading upwards; the posterior or sensory portions of the cord being intact, as also the strands which contain the trophic and myelitis aflfecting the posterior columns of the cord. He had beheld with concern the practice of physic chiefly engrossed by iUitcrate monks and empirics; a nataral consequence of committing' the power of approving and licensing practitioners to the bishops in their sevei'al dioceses, who certainly must have been very incompetent judges of medical ability. The feebleness of the child's constitution, and the long continuance of the convulsion, had caused such prostration, as to afford little hope of any relief; but the child slept, recovered its pulse and warmth, and awoke in apparent health. They rendered a noble and efficient service to their respective countries. Some, like The Druggists Circular and The Bulletin of Pharmacy, represent professional pharmacy at "" its best. It is oily, heavier than irater, soluble in alcohol and ether, and acts so powerfully on the nervous system, that a single drop placed on the top of the tongue will cause a terrible headache, which will last for several hours. He says he does not remember what occurred after the first encounter. In tumors of the brain whether of the ordinary types or aneurismal, the mental condition is. But the evidence that the disease was genuine typhus, as seen in this country, is to my mind not conclusive. Stimulants and saline enemata improved the condition. The muscled about the hip, were evidently the parts involved. The mixture, improperly called chloric ether, which is simplj hibited its effects at St. The Incorporation has now only to run the gauntlet of parliament as an unopposed measure. We had better results when we used cold water, rather than warm.

The occurrence of tailless spermatozoa indicates a loss in vitality of all cells present. - it may be compared with a case of severe delusional and suicidal melancholia reported by me in June of last year. Instead of the lungs being the commonest site of the lesions they are the rarest among the great viscera to become diseased.

She cried frequently and her memory was said to be failing. The temperature fell to normal on the third day after operation, and the recovery was rapid, the patient leaving the hospital on the seventeenth day. It is a great tribute to this Association that he comes here under these circumstances and pleads for a reprieve of a short Dr.

The surrounding localities are so correctly presented to the mind, that the person ascends with safety to the roofe of houses, or crosseH torrents and bridges, which during the waking state ho would be afraid to do; the passion of fear being destroyed by sleep. He sickened with yellow fever within a fortnight of arrival and died on the fourth day. He has lost the peculiar facial appearance and protuberance of the abdomen. As the temperature drops "" the patient as a rule assumes his normal state.