Tcunent's work on Ceyloa in on the gi'ound that ho is on the road to those Degrees, though he has not attained them, wo suspect that he would be i idieulei or punished, rest. In milky serum the oil exists in superabundance, at the expense of the albumen, which, in all the specimens I have examined, has been remarkably deficient in proportion, its specific leads to a question whether this oil may not owe its origin to some chemical change in the albumen itself, of which it seems to supply than blood with milky serum, affords additional ground for supposing that such a change takes place. State Health Administration in California The question now arises as to how far such a plan as is here suggested, subject to change in matters of detail, would meet State requirements. "From all the examinations we have made," says Thackrah, who has made many experiments to determine this point,"I infer, without hesitation, that buffed blood contains a considerably greater proportion of fibrine than healthy blood." This is a fact of much interest and importance, for as very slight and sudden causes may give rise to the formation of a buffed coat, we are thence led to infer, that the quantity of insoluble matter, which separates from the liquor sanguinis by coagulation, is variable, and that there is, so far, reason to believe that fibrine and albumen are principles In connection with the appearances dependent upon the slow coagulation of fibrine, I may here notice the occurrence of what have been termed polypi, or more recently and correctly, false polypi in the heart and larger vessels.

The Professor of Medicine has hitherto delivered an annual course of about forty lectures on Comparative Anatomy and Physiology, and whenever he has had a sufficient number of students to form a class he has given a course of one hundred lectures on Human Anatomy and Physiology; but we have been informed that in consequence of the chair of Civil History having been changed by the Universities Commissioners into the chair of Civil and Natural History, it is uncertain whether Dr. Purgatives have produced decidedly good effects in some cases, more particularly in reducing the anasarca; so that there has been reason to ascribe the chief relief, on several occasions, to their action. The flies were then removed by the aseptic method devised by Delacourt and Guyenot and the flasks with the eggs put into an incubator. This method of immunization is of great scientific importance but has not proven successful in practice. But, though by Scheele and many others, especially French chemists, many important substances of the animal and plant world were brought to light, yet organic chemistry, and with it physiology, remained far in the rear of the advancing knowledge of inorganic substances. It passes obliquely behind the fifth rib, reaches the fourth intercostal space, traverses the inner surface of the fourth rib, behind the axillary line, and, after having crossed the third space, ends on a level with the posterior part of the inner Topography of the Lungs. At the same time into the Hospital, with a congenital scrotal rupture of the right side as large as a small fist, which no truss had ever retained. ON THE PREVENTION AND TREATMENT OF II. Janewat remarked that patients with melancholia were almost always constipated, and that it was hard to say in such cases which was the cause and which was the effect. True, the infant had"no langttage but a cry," but the cry might mean that the stomach was already overloaded. SiiEnwELL believed that Hehra's cases had been of a septic origin, and that they resembled closely many cases which he had seen in military hospitals infected with hospital gangrene. During more than four years he devoted himself assiduously to his work under the best masters of the day in London, Dublin, Edinburgh, Paris, Berlin and Vienna. Iii, Death", the recently published work on"Causation", with a chapter on belief, by work includes an extended discussion of the so-called"causes of death" on the basis of a well-reasoned theory of causation opposed to the doctrines of John Stuart Mill ( The symptoms consisted in salivation, dyspnea, difficulty in swallowing, nasal discharge, sensitiveness and swelling of the throat region. When pure "" the amide is soluble in acetone or hot acetic acid and sparingly so in the other usual solvents, while the crude substance is considerably more soluble. Of considerable promise as regards the near future is the medical-unit plan of the Aetna Life Insurance Company, in successful operation in a number of industrial districts, one of which has been Metropolitan of New York, the plans and methods of which have been worked out with admirable thoroughness under the direction of Dr: The name strabismus was formerly indiscriminately applied to all abnormal deviations of the optic a.xes, wliatever their' cause, whether they were due to paralysis or spasm of one or more of the muscles of the eyeball, or whether some tumour, etc., of the orbit prevented the free movement of the eye in We now, however, limit the term strabismus (or strabismus concomitans of Von Graefe, a name we shall adopt) to that group of cases which presents those well-defined and constant symptoms which I shall afterwards bruig before you (email).

Speeimais rery great, and, as the Council of the School are has of late years beet thro-wn open as a Keading-room, to which, on pa-rmeiLt of a trifling fee, they letchworth are admiuted Ixom nine in the morning tiU nine in the e-vening, and have thus The Museum derated to Physiology and Comparative Anatomy is also -well stocked, and tho-ugh not quite so easily aceessihie in the daily work of the students, the preparations are fiedy used in illustratioai of the Lectures, and thus evary one may eocstantly exjiAine them. This little reptile is described as gentle and never aggressive, only biting under strong provocation. It scarcely coagulates at all, and is deficient in saline matter, and probably also in fibrine, thus nearly resemblmg menstrual blood, or the fluid mixture of serum and red particles, already mentioned as often found in the larger vessels after death. They were considered to be enteric fever. Hand that the purest and most concentrated virus is contained in the tion of its virulence, and solved the important question of protective vaccination against the disease. Another portion did not give the red coloration with concentrated nitric acid: therefore there was no brucine. On incising the abscess in the pharynx, this part immediately collapsed, aifording prompt relief from the threatened siiltbcation; but there was no perceptible change in the size of the swellings in the neck, although they seemed to be less tense.

The child (a remarkably fine girl), when born, made such unusual but unsuccessful efforts at respiration, that he felt certain that some mechanical obstacle to the entrance of air into the lungs must e.Nist; in fact, he was so positive that such must be the case, that he asked permission for a post-mortem examination, which was readily granted.