Among them was a type where the third nerve was involved, or the pons and medulla or the paraplegia or hemiplegia type. Fortunate treatment, ably assisted by an extremely intelligent patient, enabled us quickly to relieve the intestinal condition, but it was weeks before the hemoglobin could be brought up to fifty per cent., and then each menstruation, while not excessive, tumbled it again down orca.med.or.jp to forty-three per cent. The director was then passed directly inward and upward. After a large experience the cord is removed, is precisely that which most readily vegetates and gives rise to excessive granulations.


Sometimes an animal cast for operation, after struggling violently, presented the same alarming symptoms and died rapidly, or after the lapse of a few days. Endocarditis coexists frequently, but rarely results from the extension of the inflammation through the wall of the heart. The lower lobe is more commonly affected than the upper, and the peripheral more than the central portion of the lung. On the one hand, they are regarded simply as degenerate or attenuated forms of the diphtheria bacillus; on the other, they are represented as a distinct species. Rapidly progressive cases are rare. Occasionally, in a severer paroxysm, portions of membrane are coughed out.

Future investigations will, perhaps, prove that acquired deafness has a still greater preponderance in the causation of deaf-mutism than we are at present authorized in believing. Here let me Said Leyden to his students:"Meine Herren, um die Diagnose miissen wir nicht so zimperlich sein; lieilen sollen wir."'"Gentlemen, about the diagnosis we must not be so punctilious; our duty is to heal." Riegel, in his-preface to his book on gastric diseases, says as follows:"Der Endzweck alles arztlichen Tuns ist heilen und helfen. (c) In rare cases' the tumor formations may be due to great retraction or thickening of the intestinal coils. The other is the ingenious suggestion that by saving the lives of many who, suffering from severe diphtheritic infection, would, in all probability, have died under any previous form of treatment, antitoxin increases the number of those in whom we should reasonably expect to see diphtheritic paralysis develop.

They formed an ovoid mass, the size of a man's fist, which had not been detected on rectal The other abdominal viscera, together with the lung, heart, pleura, nervous centres, and bones, were free of these growths. In taking radiographs there is frequently great danger of extensive burns to the operator, as verv powerful rays are used, and the operator should protect himself by standing behind a heavy lead lined screen which has a lead glass window, six by eight inches, so that the behavior of the tuljc can be noticed. Four methods are available, or have been.practised, for the care of the bladder: i. First, its course, which is constantly changing as to level and direction; second, its fixed attachments; third, its relation to the vessels; fourth, its relation to other organs: and,, fifth, its pressure effect upon the nerve ganglia and plexuses. When it occurs it is due, of course, to injury to the lung by entrance of the needle through the visceral pleura. Even a trip to the mountains and forest did not help me much at this time." (Nietzsche.)"In the"The slight improvement in the condition of my brother did not continue. In the course of the next twelve hours the genital organs became swelled and studded with vesicles. Clinically the two cases were similar, showing evidence of bilateral brain lesions, particularly bilateral facial palsy, involving upper as well as lower distributions without changes in the electrical reactions of muscles (ftp.orca.med.or.jp).

The rapid and complete subsidence of symptoms unusual in most cases of influenza pneumonia gave us great hope that a specific line of treatment had been found.