The dispensary is small and poorly organized.

These are triturated in a mortar after diluted with two parts of serum, and one drop is used for injection. Boyer, in completely separated from all its surrounding attachments.

A member ot an Indian, Colonial, or foreign university recognized for the purpose, who shall have passed examinations at bis university for the degree of Doctor or Bachelor of Medioina or Surgery in the subjects of the First and Second Examinations of the Conjoint Board, will be eligible for admission to the Third or Final Examination two years after passing in the said No special conditions relating to the war have been laid down, beyond allowing candidates to take midwifery before the completion of the fifth year ot study.

And the following account is based on four cases in our own series and the accounts of four post-mortem examinations described by Captain Stokes and others. Microscopic examination and cultures showed the presence of a bacillus, not distinguishable (on the authority of both Eberth and Gaffky) from the typhoid germ in ihe blood of the heart and the juices of spleen and lungs, as well as directly in the placenta. The reaction itself is empirical, and probably chemical, so that every care should be taken to avoid any source of error.

They have developed considerable esprit de corps. I have never found it necessary, in amputation of the penis, to do patient makes water very well after the operation, and the introduction of such a substance creates an uneasiness which is not at Cancer of the scrotum T have -already had occasion to consider in speaking of cancerous affections of the skin; I come, therefore, in the next place, to speak of the surgical diseases of the organs of generation of the Prolapsus uteri is an aff'ection which comes under the treatment of gentlemen who practise in the obstetric department, and I have admit of being removed by a surgical operation. Such Among the headaches collected for this pa per were a large number accompanied by the presence of tenderness-in out patients' phraseology the complaint was"When I comb my hair I can't bear it." Dr. Included in this wide attention were all bills of a health care nature in our State, which were reviewed with recommendations being sent to our Board of Trustees and published in the Newsletter when possible. Without minimizing the efforts of these nations to control sexual promiscuity, past experience would suggest a credibility gap between the reported rates and actual I can recommend this volume to scientific and nonscientific students of the venereal disease problem but would hesitate to suggest it for casual or even enjoyable reading. Other institutions furnish but it is poorly equipped and loosely conducted. Early complications to surgery may arise seven to ten days following a gastric resection stump can occur in severe complicated duodenal ulcerations. The infusion is the most common form in which it is used. Throughout the eastem and central states the movement under which the uk medical school articulates with the second year of the college has already gained such impetus that it can be regarded as practically accepted.

They account for the hesitancy with which it is employed on the ground that it is believed to be dangerous, inefficacious and inconstant in its effects; but they endeavor to remove these objections by citing their own cases, in which they have noted but very few instances of the ill-effects complained of every now and then, and these were transient. Incubatiou period uncertain; patient first noticed on dark-ground examination. When the patient's abdomen is uniformly rigid or uniformly distended, and I cannot detect any point of excruciating tenderness in the right iliac fossa, flank, or loin, and the appendix cannot be located in the pelvis by rectal or vaginal examination, I do not operate; I treat such cases by the Ochsner method, supplemented by proctoclysis as practised by Murphy. Thus the ventricles, which require it, have eighteen hours rest out of the twenty-four; and the auricles, having less labour to perform, only twelve. Eiimelin spoke a funeral oration as delegate of the university of Tiibingen, and could truly describe him as one of the most honoured masters of Grerman science. Whether a college requirement wiU soon be wise is a question to be pondered. Later, tuberculin may be given, together with the usual fresh-air treatment and cod-liver oil.

By INSANITY IN INDIA: Its Symptoms and Diagnosis, with HANDBOOK FOR WIVES AND MOTHERS IN I'liysician-in-charge Lady Aitchison Hospital for Women, Lahore.

When full grown, it is about the size of a melon seed in man, but in quadrupeds it is often found sometimes an inch long by half an inch wide. There is good reason for believing that in women who are predisposed to this affection it is more likely to occur at the menopause than at any other period of life.

Pregnancy hastens the growth and spread of cancer"The diagnosis should be as certain as possible.