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It was difficult to obtain good results in the knee as the joint was largely held together by intraarticular ligaments and cartilages. Let us now take a general glance at some of the conditions of the early settlers; and first, as to the healthfulness of the climate. Hopke ("Berufskrankhciten des Ohres"'") has described perichondritis of auditory meatus. He was of the opinion that every month the female organism secreted internally a chemical substance which was sufficient to act on the ovary. The treatment consists in endeavouring to nourish the patient from the very beginning of the illness, giving as much food as he can assimilate, in preventing losses by haemorrhages and diarrhoea, and by promoting sleep.

The chief complication in the diagnosis of tuberculosis of the urinary tract in man is the presence of the smegma bacillus in the urine. Absorption is not followed and are more irritating than lead acetate or subacetate. It is really refreshing' to see patients react from operations and say they experienced no pain and only a heavy, dull feeling about the incision. Payor Committee and Carolyn Counts, Director of Health Care Einance, were instrumental in this Medicare decision.

Nigel Stark of Glasgow had seen death at the age of sixty-two from a sloughing fibroid.

I wish I could, without too severe a demand on your time, add to this detail of Alexander's sickness, which vindicates his memory from the disgraceful imputation too lightly cast upon him of habitual intemperance, and especially from the reproach of owing his death to a drunken debauch; I wish, I say, I could, without being tedious' add to this detail Arrian's beautiful por traiture of the character of that great man, whose spirit and energy, manifested in the conquest of so large an extent of country, was fully equalled by his wisdom in controlling and attaching to his government the nations which he had subdued. He had worked in a tunnel in Chicago under air compression, and had been attacked with numbness and weakness in the feet and legs, with occasional darting pains. They lack the personal flavor. Williams, William Norman, Pine Bluff, Yarborough, Frank Ray, Cary ( There was some unusual sensitiveness to muscular excess.