Still less do we "opinie" wish to detract from the honor due to him for the material advance in methodizing and improving the details of the particular operation to which he owes his professional success.

Tlui food is frequently quidded and dropped into (he manger. Period when both thoracic and neurosurgery were beginning their spectacular developments. The disease has no common name, although, in English and French works,"angina pectoris," which is too diffuse, is the terra commouly used.

The ne.xt place of meeting will be in Toronto, Treasurer, both of Toronto. Gentlemen favouring him with their orders may rely on having their Instruments finished iu the best and most modern style. In ordinary ringworm the fungus is often hard to find; in tinea imbricata it is always found in the greatest profusion. Forum - what is true in regard to the striated muscles, is equally so in reference to those of organic life; the intestine, stomach, oesophagus, uterus, iris, bladder, ureters, seminal vesicles, blood-vessels, and thoracic duct, the contractile fibres surrounding the hair-bulbs in man, can recover their irritability after having lost it.

He brought the tube with him to Baltimore the following year, took the first radiographs at young man arrived in Baltimore, filled with ambition, clearly talented, already contributing improvements in clinical care, and destined for a life of high accomplishment. He had not used scopolamine in enough cases to form an opinion. Brown-Sequard found that on section of one-half of the spinal marrow in the lumbar region, the skin of the face acquired, on the side on which the operation was performed, the power of causing epileptiform convulsions when irritated; this cutaneous zone seems to have undergone a great modification, which is attested by the great number of lice which prefer to meet on this spot. In Professor Spaeth discusses the cause of these visitations.

It is sokioin th;it iiiiinials of this kind arc too Hreedy. The wound had entirely healed; the respiratory sounds were normal; there was still a slight hernia of the lung.


The fingers and toes, instead of being dry, hard, and unfit for dissection, are as soft and pliable as in life. Richardson, Ringer, Romanes, Siemerling, Thudichum, Samuel Wilks, and other men In so much that is of interest and of solid value, it would seem invidious to particularize, but we cannot" Alcoliolism," by Legrain;"Brain," Alex. The iiuer does not appear to be specially affected. It is highly probable, then, that the colour of the disk may change frequently in the same eye at different times; and as the variation may arise in several ways, it is obvious that hypersemia of the disk can be uo very certain index of a similar condition within The engorgement of the retinal veins, however, iu Professor Manz's opinion, is much more indicative of serious mischief. It could not be denied that trephining had its dangers.

The boards of managers have the" control and management" of the State hospitals except as to the powers explicitly conferred by statute upon the commission. Of the circular rested almost entirely upon the statement of the patient himself. Eobert Jacob Jordan, be removed from the A letter having been read from the secretary of a reading society at Croydon, respecting an indecent publication, it was moved by Dr. A private letter from Cape Town contradicts the report that Dr. We dehberately, therefore, risk such accusations as may be brought against us, convinced that the present system of medical education is not only faulty, but Council will exercise its moral influence, and, if necessary, its legal powers, the medical corporations wiU lend their powerful aid also towards effecting such improvement; and we may then hope to see a system which wiU tend both to the interest of the public and to the honour and respectability of the MORTALITY IN THE VIENNA LYING-IN Professor Spaeth of Vienna has given a sketch Klein and Bartsch directed the hospital; and during was altered, the physicians having exclusive charge of the first clinique, and the second chnique being chiefly under the management of midwives.

It is essential, however, that it should be thorough, and with the object of dividing the dense tissues that bind down the teeth.

Murderous Attack on a Surgeon. Andrew Wood, it was resolved:" I.

In speaking of occupation as productive of in sanity, we should cany with sibutril.com us the opening remark of Dr.