Shortly thereafter, it was learned that heroin was no less addicting than It was not until the turn of the century that drug addiction emerged as a public health issue. The trephine, in order to remove the diseased www.spectramed.co.za bone, and to give free exit to pus. Homosexuals made very good ward men.

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The author took the ground that enough care is not taken in transporting dead bodies from one place to another. In so-called myelitis transversa, when a portion of the whole thickness of the cord is diseased, the symptoms and electrical reaclions are the same.as those just described. This case seems, according to the author, to always due to an irritation of the nasal ramifications of the nosturna are initiated by an asthmatic attack, and are es-j sentially dependent upon obstructed nasal respiration. Death resulted of the scapula, extending below and parallel to login its spine. Such is the case when measures for quarantine, isolation, disinfection, the cleansing of towns and seaports, the prohibition of adulterated food, etc., are put into force. Budd, M.D Johnson City JOURNAL OF THE TENNESSEE.

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For three years, she had noticed her urine to be white, like milk, and very thick. Arrest of development of the upper jaw.

Farr, and the slight p.isscd on the profession of which he is This expression of opinion appears to us timely, and will no doubt be this suljject have, we are glad to see, been extensively quoted by the most influential organs of public opinion and generally supported.

On the fifth day after the operation the child died, and I have good reason to believe the cause of death lay elsewhere than in the Not the rarity of the aflfection induces me to present this ease to your attention, but rather my belief in the propriety of performing the operation even in so young an infant. In my report directs that' every physician shall report to the Commissioner of Health, in writing, every person having a contagious or infectious disease that he has prescribed for or attended for the first time since having such disease, during any part of the preceding twentyfour hours.' The object of this requirement is, obviously, to secure prompt notification of the existence of contagious or infectious diseases, to the end that the Department may take the necessary action to prevent any spread of contagion or infection, and to remedy any conditions upon which such diseases"But it is a requirement directly in the interest of the public, and not at all, or only remotely, iu the interest of the physician, who is called upon to fill out a blank with date, disease, location of case by number, street and ward, name of patient, age, nativity, color, sex, date of attack, length of time in the city, his own name and address, and a statement as to whether the patient.attends a school or kindergarten. He was orthostatic and heart examination was normal. It has always come away spontaneously, sometimes the next day, or the next but one, and absolutely without hemorrhage.'" This accords with my own observation in early cases, and Leishman says:"In the first and second months, the placenta being undeveloped, the ovum is generally expelled entire with little risk to the woman."" Within the period above named, it is not at all likely that the remedies here indicated will fail to check the hemorrhage. Such a person is usually of the bummer order, who delights in pistol shooting and threatenings, who prostitutes his position in all sorts of ways for the benefit of bad We have quoted these remarks at length because we believe the author to be entirely misinformed with regard to the" average American asylum." We wish also to protest against such misrepresentation.

The transverse processes of the third and fourth cervical vertebrae were found fractured, and the vertebral artery "2016" severed. Herman von Zeissl, a contemporary and coworker with.Skoda, Hebra, and Rokitansky, and an eminent syphilographer and teacher of Vienna, died years inspector-general of the Sanitary Department of France, and had represented his country at two international sanitary congresses. No mention is made of were plentiful; no tying of arteries, which vessels were not known to (koilen phleba), it is either the trachea or the thoracic duct of our nomenclature that is meant by Homer; no mention of gout, -iroSdypa (podagra), or headache, KopaXaXyla (cephalalgia), brought on by a disordered liver, or from being Bacchi plains, occurs in Homer's poems, though his heroes, and the immortal gods themselves,"who inhabit wide Olympus", quaffed the wine-cup without stint, as we read of in pouring out, from left to right (of the seated gods), nectar from a goblet, and when inextinguishable laughter arose among his immortal confreres, wine-cup in hand. The Guy's Hospital staff are in a position.to insist upon this; and the extraordinary treatment ofDr. Ample clinical opportunities are offered in surgery, practice of medicine, gynecology, obstetrics, eye and JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY, MEDICAL DEPARTMENT. John Jenkin, Esq., AVittersham, Thom, George, Esq., St. He was discharged and it again opened in two places about the fourth rib and continued to discharge until his death. We describe a patient who underwent insertion of several traditional, large diameter, plastic stents that ultimately had to be converted to a self-expanding metal stent (the Schneider Wellstent), in order to at another institution had revealed a double duct sign suggestive of pancreatic carcinoma. Richard Lang, has been proceeding with investigating IPA, HMO, and the implications and options inherent in the where such facility is present. The teachers' institutes have lieen much more freely supplied than before. Latimer, of Kast Cambridge, in the tenth right interspace one and a halt inches posterior to axillary line.