Drugs Acting on "mail" the Digestive Organs.

Cleanliness of person and surround ings should be one of the most important lessons which the pupil learns at school. The view has gained ground and general acceptance that the nucleus is the chief or exclusive bearer of the hereditable characters; that is, the female nuclear material transmits the characters of the mother and her forebears and the male nucleus those of the father and his forebears to be a very simple one; the nucleus divides without any preliminary arrangement of its structure, the cytoplasm is constricted, and presently we have two cells in place of one. A common history is that the patient after some acute attack gets apparently well, but does not wholly lose his years characteristic symptoms come on. Much has been said for and against the Township System in this county. As most of the books in the foregoing list are suitable for our public schools, it is recommended that no changes be made where they are now in use, except so far as the classification of particular schools may require; and that school officers should, in those cases where no text books have been officially adopted, carefully seleet from those now in general use in the state, and adopt such as, after due examination, they shall prefer.

In alcoholics, give stimulants from the start. This fact will guide us in the frequency o( administration of medicines, since if a drug which is tardily elim mated be given at frequent intervals it may be absorbed faster than excreted and so accumulate in the body and cause poisoning.

And there are many physicians in Chicago and elsewhere who have records of hundreds of cases with a rate of less than two deaths Contributions of original articles, typewritten if possible, society reports, news items, etc., must be sent in by the tenth of the month. Some braces proved heavy, bulky, and abrasive to the skin.

The secondary ducts also dilate, but in a less degree; and the whole organ consequently increases in bulk, and on seetion tissue between them being more or less atrophied. There are many other influences, not specifically inherent to industry, to which the workman is often subjected which seriously influence health, such as poor ventilation, lack of cleanliness overcrowding, excessive hours, improper light, fatigue, and a hundred and one conditions which affect the health and the efficiency of the workman.

Garrod in believing that the regulation of the diet constitutes by far the most important part of the treatment.

The aberration of mind is also remarkable. This opinion must have been erroneous, for the animals had been noticed in other places long before, and they produce, in general, no appreciable The tape-worms are more formidable beasts. But before I describe these two morbid conditions, which are essentially chronic, it will be well to consider for a moment another renal condition, to which of late years the term u acute Bright's disease" has been sometimes applied. Fleming dismisses this portion of his subject in the following words. This, for a long time, was conducted upon an erroneous principle, and was eminently disastrous. This outbreak also ceased on discontinuing the issue of polished rice. 'I here is a commendable spirit manifested for their improvement.

Fluctuation was present, but the digital examination caused no pain. The latter, then, are responsible for the errors reported to this office, and without greater care and more system in keeping their accounts, nothing reliable can be known in regard to school expenses. Charcot applies Uu amyotrophique,' and' spasmodic tabes dorsalis.' They are characterised: first, as regards their morbid anatomy, by a sclerotic change affecting the lateral white columns of the cord, for the most part symmetrically and in more or less of the anterior comua, and occasionally of the sensory elements; second, as regards their clinical phenomena, by parafysis d the limbs, with rigidity and tendency to contract, associated sometimei with wasting of muscles, sometimes with neoralgio pains. But as we have neglected these and have let them slip through our hands, and as the State Legislature has never given us authority to make licenses except in a special way, we are now handicapped. The journal in question accused us of a wilful missiatement, in saying that the regulations of ihe Society of Apothecaries were not iu accordance with the recommendations of the Medical Council.

From their look, you would suppose abscesses were about to form; but after lasting a few days, the red color fades, or rather changes to a blue, and the protuberances gradually subside. This supposedly comes from the reduction of nitrates.