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The involucrum, often seen in chronic pyogenic osteomyelitis, docs not occur as such in syphilis, and, as compared with the new bone produced in the latter, it is usually thinner; its borders are also thin and irregular. The mucous membrane is also pale, thin, and without rugse.

These, however, are almost solely those cases in which the formation of pus takes place in a solid pelvic exudation, and in which the fever continues until the opening I only recollect one instance where, with an uncomplicated parametritis, the fever continued without intermission for seven weeks, without a pelvic abscess having formed. Tilp makes the same suggestion, but has seen spindle formation in the The seat of origin of the new cells is a point which must be considered, as Aschoff makes use of this factor in his theory of the pathogenesis of chronic uranium nephritis.

When either of the mixtures above recommended are given to children, or indeed whenever magnesia or chalk is given habitually, it is always prudent to give an occasional dose of castoroil, as cases have occurred in which concretions of the above antacids have accumulated in the intestines.

The formula of the mercury sulphur combination was al far as space permits, we revieiv those in which we think The Health Care of the Baby.

Concurrent use with chlorpropamide may increase the risk of severe hyponatremia. Septicemia, traumatism, and exposure are the most common causes. It is an old, much-discussed page, but still one to which decade after decade adds its store of knowledge How shall the physician treat, at the bedside, a patient pneumonia P As I have chosen to put the question in this way, I may as well indicate mj- position at the outset. A leukocyte count is easily made, takes but Httle time, and often its result is a most valuable and decisive aid in making a differential diagnosis. If the prostutc houses were all collected into one place, strict inquiries would be made as to the matter of kidnapping and as to the engagement of adopted children, and should any cases occur in which such reprehensible acts were attempted, information would be immediately given to the authorities: It exerts a strong influence over all the mucus tissues. Therefore in these cases a disproportion between the production of this material and its excretion from the body must have preceded the unomic symptoms.

He thinks it would be a wise precaution for insurance companies to have all questionable cases tested in this manner for their own protection, but admits that there are difficuhies in carrying out such measures. As whatever goes up, or ought to go up, the chimney, are vapours and gases which cannot remain down without injury to health, it is a matter of importance that the chimneys of a house ventilation simply, independent of the fire, the importance of a chimney is so great, that rooms in this climate which are destitute of one cannot be considered healthy, although it must be confessed that this secondary office appended to the original intention is rather a clumsy method of effecting so important an end. I found when I first examined him a freely movable tumor of the right kidney. Of course, cases of illness which have appeared slight in the morning, may, by becoming much more aggravated in the lapse of a few hours, and especially toward night, call for that attendance which before seemed unnecessary; these are not what are meant, but, in ordinary cases, it ought to be a rule to let a medical man have the message as early as possible in the forenoon. Detection of these maladies rests solely on laboratory evidence: Ey either shortening or lengthening the straps, which of course acts upon the india-rubber ring, the power of this artificial muscle can be graduated entirely according to wish.

In view of the difficulties mentioned, the fact should be emphasized that while this general method for the cultivation of refractory microorganisms devised by Noguchi has been employed extensively at the Institute, in no instance has a microorganism resembling that isolated from poliomyelitic tissues been obtained from any other source than that described. The duration of the attack is from several days to a few weeks. A thick paste is made by adding water; the paste is then immediately applied to the part to be treated, and left on for a minute or two.

If the aflair were really so simple as some physicians represent, we may be certain that Hippocrates woiild have treated all his fever-patients with cold water. Toxemia due to the burn, nephritis, and Curling's ulcer of the duodenum are to be treated according to indications.

Imagine, if you can, a family doctor in the country who delivered more than he did by horse and buggy, to the homes of expectant mothers and staying there as long as needed delivered. It was found, on the contrary, that the ferments responsible for the cleavage of protein during the reaction are not specific; that they are present in every fresh male serum as well as in female; that the protein attacked by these ferments is not that of the substratum, but that of the serum of the patient, the Abderhalden reaction thus recording the result of the autodigestion of the patient's own serum.