Are not intermittent and remittent fevers known and distinguished by their types and general phenomena, and particularly by the modes in which the phenomena are combined or succeed each other'? In these forms of fever there is often inflammation or engorgement of particular organs, and yet, notwithstanding such complications, each of these diseases is readily recognized and distinguished. It is then that the more serious effects of inflammation result. But perhaps the remedy, par excellence, espaol not only in cases of plithisis, but in chronic bronchitis, is cod-liver oil. This condition, so far as I have been able to ascertain from the literature on the subject, is not mentioned even in the so-called classic works on rhinology. Pathologists now tell us that it is the very rare exception to meet with hereditary tubercle, by the term hereditary tubercle implying the congenital transference of the virus, so that the in! ant enters the world with the bacilli in its tissues.

It must be borne in mind that our principal purpose in treating this condition, is to control the peristalsis of the bowel, rather than to check an increased discharge. A number of these are associated with the functions birth of the eyeballs. And it is considered possilile that the otli'V sxmptoins would he produced in an.N normal individind were his metal" lisni maintained fiU' moritlis or years at the hiirh level which it occupies in THE MATERIAL BALANCE OF THE BODY lor sueh sulistaiiees eali yield no ener-jy we shall lieeome aecjuaitited uith several facts of cxtretTie importMncc in the maintenance of nutrition niatcd Ml as l.i i-aiiM' nw.jcn In lie discliaip'd iiitu the svstcni at such,i Principles Involved in Calculating the Results.

Symptoms of a serious nature may be ab.sent to within a few days of death; even death may result without profound emaciation. He is said to have only a slight attack, and to be doing well (piercing). Much has been written on the nature of pelvic cellulitis and pelvic peritonitis by the greatest authorities on the diseases of women, and it is easy to beg the question, and to accept the doctrine, not as yet entirely discarded, that injuries and diseases of the vagina and uterus may set up forms of inflammation in the cellular tissue of the broad ligament, ending in the formation of an abscess within that structure. Control - (a) Unilateral Paralysis Affecting the Face, Pharynx, Larynx and Tongue, (b) Infection of the Accessory Sinuses by Entry of Water Bain, E.

The subscription is fixed at one guinea, which amount is to be paid on inscription and before the commencement of "" attendance at the meetings. The first case was that of a silk weaver, fifty-five years of age, who first came for simple mitral insufficiency. Since then she has always complained exam of some weakness of the stomach, and eight or ten years ago she spat up some blood. Wealth, social influence, pcos ignorance and lack of sufficient sanatoria made this for the present impossible, so that the great weight of the problem must for many years rest on the shoulders of the general practitioner, and his work was that not only of curing the sick, but educating the sound. This was done in view of the recent observations that have been made regarding certain changes in the cord in connection with pernicious anfemia. The remaining deaths occurred after more than three days, and were then brought about either by broncho-pneumonia or diphtheria of external parts. A fat or breast rigid perineum was also a contraindication. The following may be proposed as a possible explanation of this unexpected result: Edestin seems to owe much of its inefficiency in the anaphylaxis reaction to its slight solubility in the body fluids, it having been shown that alkahne solutions of edestin are precipitated in the peritoneal cavity; therefore, no matter what the amount of injected edestin may be, the peritoneal fluid cannot dissolve and carry quickly to the blood more than a small quantity of this protein, not enough ordinarily to cause severe intoxication, and no more whether edestin and squash-seed globulin are practically the same, the greater toxicity of the latter probably does not depend upon a difference of composition but upon its greater solubility in the body fluids, so that it is possible for a fatal does to be absorbed from the peritoneum into the blood. Acne - bronchotomy in Croup, Diphtheria, and" Allied Medical (detached Drummond Hospital for infectious cases) under the care of Sir George Duffey, Senior Physician to the hospital. If, however, purchase were thus effected, and the purchasing authority were required to provide a sinking fund in "en" the usual way so as to redeem the purchase money in sixty or even in eighty years, either the water-rate must rise or a fresh burden must be imposed upon the ratepayers. As the journal of the Ohio State Medical Society, it takes the place of the usual volume of transactions, and will be issued monthly, being the new departure in issuing its proceedings, and, as one result, the papers pre sented get a circulation of three thousand copies, instead of less than five hundred, The Kansas State Medical Society held its fifteenth annual session at Topeka, Ga., writes very enthusiastically in regard to the value of ergot for the relief of tablespoonful two or three times a day. With regard to the famishing of the ward whicli had been offered to the Government for the use of wounded soldiers, Mr: The tube and ovaries were tied off and sent to Dr. It remains to be determined by further observations how often and to what extent this method of treatment has a curative efficacy.

Further particulars will be sent out from time to time to the medical journals, together with notifications of the different officers medical department of this university graduated The West Virginia State Medical Association Morgantown; Typhoid Fever in and Around Morgantown, Wounds and Their Treatment, by Dr.