This diffusion, induced by increased specialization, cannot go on for ever without defeating the very objects for which speciaHsm was invented. At the present time, however, it is generally admitted and widely found, but is being rooted out. About a dozen were operated upon, and these, with the postmortem studies of other cases, furnished the anatomical pictures of the spinal conditions. Knowledge of the measures of personal hygiene which will largely prevent infection has not even halved the death rate of the preventable infectious diseases. A six-year-old child, said to be exceedingly vicious, was brought to the class, principally because of his addiction to cigarettes. Moreover, the patient had not the appearance seen in cirrhosis: he had preserved his stoutness, his face was neither earthy nor bronzed, the conjunctive were scarcely tinged, and the urine was normal in quantity, and contained only a little urobilin, without any red-brown pigment. This is important because in such cases the true diagnosis is usually that of a progressive disease; namely, kidney trouble or heart trouble. "When the stomach is dilated but that the tympanitic note is heard over a large area of both the left epigastric and hypochondriac regions, and extending from here upwards to the left nipple, and outwards from this level to the mid-axillary line.

Prognosis should be guarded, although recovery is usual in VII. An alternative course which is to make the regular practice of medicine his chief work and to choose such extra occupations as will not only not interfere with hut will directly aid in extending it is perhaps LEGAL RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS OF The physician, newly equipped with the medical knowledge and experience which in the light of enter upon the important work of caring for the health of his fellow-beings, and imbued with the importance of his trust, and the great diligence and care with which he must apply his skill and science, is apt to overlook the legal relations into which his work brings him with his patients and the State.

Clergymen are almost exempt, while actors and"men about town" are the most frequent victims. In those cases in which persistent refusal to take food is kept up for weeks or months and yet the patient does not greatly emaciate, it becomes evident that Irregular and rapid heart-action is common in hysteria and is often a source per minute, or even more.

Among other causes, masturbation is mentioned by authors as a frequent factor. The urine had a specific twenty-four hours. We do not mean that its agency is understood, but merely that authors and observers of all kinds, and in all places, attribute the rise and modification of the greatest variety of affections to the influence of cold, and to us it seems almost impossible, medically, to attach too much importance to the study of the" The theories of sympathy and of associated motions are hardly adequate to an explanation of the phenomena of torpor from cold. People having milksickness are constipated, but they have not eaten the weed itself. The malaria-carrying mosquito has been driven further and further out, until to-day he only survives along the fringes of the marsh But whilst to general sanitation we must ascribe increased healthiness and a diminution of death and sickness rates and of malaria, nevertheless there is one disease namely, yellow fever which persisted, in spite of sanitary reform carried out on the general lines such as are employed in Europe. We find that it is not only toxins that stimulate the formation of antibodies. The temperature of the douches for gentlemen, in the wood at Grafenberg, was about twenty feet fall, and of the size Strong patients sometimes use the douche in the coldest weather, when the attendant has first to break away the ice; but weaklings must beware of imitating their hardihood. A professor at Bologna, having early developed great skill in minute investigation. You must take care of the oirculatinn.

From this hazard, and from observing that in such cases the child is generally dead, it has been advised, by good authorities, to perforate the head; but if we have no other inducement to use the perforator, I should consider that, unless the head be high, the forceps would be as safe If the child has passed entirely from the cavity of the uterus into the peritoneal sac, an attempt should be made without delay to extract it, by introducing the hand into the cavity and through the rent in the uterus, grasping the feet and drawmg the child back into the uterus, and deUvering as in the says,"had a contraction of the pelvis.